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self-explanatory. b$g.


released March 24, 2015

instrumentals, mixing, and album art by doomknobs.



all rights reserved


C-sar The Incorrigible

hedonistic hermit
swine merchant

All proceeds from album sales directly support the Community Foundation of Greater Flint until the water crisis is declared over.

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Track Name: the clap (Anxious)
Stepped in the club
Feeling like I ain't shit
Took a few shots
Then I got anxious
So many people
So much skin
So many places I can put my penis in
So little clothing
Go through the motions
Once I got her open
The deal I be closing
On the bed posing
Naked for the snapchat
Wearing my snapback
Told her she could have that
What was I thinking
Now I want my hat back
Right after I tap that
Wanna see that ass clap

Clap, clap...
Track Name: julius (Houndstooth)
I'm not the one you knew from before
Bet you don't recognize me no more
Got my bread up and I grew a beard
Got my swag up and I'm dressing weird
My coat from the 80s my shirt from two thousand
My jeans from the 90s fuck whoever doubt him
I feel like I'm timeless ain't wearing no watch
Dope in my socks I got dope by the crotch
I'm serving biscotti ain't handled no rocks
She rubbing me good tryne work out them knots
I'm training these hoes how I work out them thots
My stove is the odor I don't even smoke
My chips on the table I'm going for broke
Going all in cause I feel like I know
How far this muthafuckin train a go
If you ain't bout that turbo money then you slow
Can't trust nobody cause people lie
You think you can pull the wool over my eyes
Get that bullshit out your feeble mind
My goal to have nothing to leave behind

And I never gave a fuck about me, why would I give a fuck about you
I see the pattern it's so repetitious these bitches switching like houndstooth
I got too much pride, to run and hide, look in the sky like I just hope my daddy proud too
But he shaking his head on the side lines, and he sighed like "we shoulda left you where we found you"

All hail C-sar
Fuck you C-sar
Shouts to my grandaddy Julius
On your behalf that I'm doing this
Track Name: sputnik's ghost (Thunderbird)
All dogs do not go to heaven word to sputnik's ghost
We had a conversation following the blunt I smoked
He told me live as if I only got a month to go
So I decided if I'm dying I'll be comfortable
I'm shedding stages of the shuttle, face is in a puddle
Unidentifiable piles of waste in gutters
Any way you paste and cut it, we fuckin run it
Playing them bakers dozens, scraping a greater budget
While the samples decarboxylate, I postulate a gambit to approximate
The status of an inaugural dog in space
Watch the way in which I consummate my holiday
Copulating with your bitch and never took her on a date
My shit is scandalproof, must be why they bitter like a pampelmousse
No way to magic booth away your snaggle tooth
Album leak hotter than them celebrity candid nudes
Thought you was so fly, but just look where it landed you

Head up in the clouds like rain drops, a thousand miles up above home
Doping all day til the pain stops, Iont know if I'm a soldier or a drone

Chiefing keef in a bubbler with the governor
Tuff enuff to money grub for Thunderbirds in other words
All it takes is a couple hunnet bucks to cover something up
Like for example he's a cousin fucker, funny stuff
Hit em where it hurts just to keep it on the hushy hush
Shorties with the bubble butts chilly so I bundle up
Your prices I undercut, in the street we run amok
I control your flow just like a funnel does, other son
Most rappers one and done, me I got staying power
Taking acid rain showers, smoking them insane flowers
I am become dope veins coursing with 'caine powder
I must think I'm Pusha T, my name is my name, cowards!
The other day I got jumped right by the train, I was
Baffled when officer motherfucker drove away, doubt it
Woulda made a difference, Ion't need your civil assistance
You should probably just beg me for forgiveness
Track Name: comadose (8 Grand Pan)
I'm bringing flavor back
Everything I make is fucking bacon wrapped
Perfect eucher hand I got the ace and jacks
I built a bomb shelter for when the states attack
And even one prepared for when a fuckin spaceship lands
Make the plans, state the facts, 8th of jack
Bake a 8 grand pan, then I make it back
Paper stacks I place the pack into the glass
Translucent like the hash wax, take a dab
Everybody's tripping now ain't even take a tab
Can't let em drive or they'll crash I tell em take a cab
Witcha hatin ass

Direct descendent of a lazer cat
Break it then you buy it if you taste you gotta pay for that
I'm not afraid to smash headlights with a baseball bat
Grams in a baseball hat
2 racks for a batch how could I fake all that
And plus I got documentation so the jakes fall back
When it's laid out flat, everything is on the surface
Comment cards my custies rate me highly on my service
Used to roll a magazine and smoke like a furnace
Now I'm outchea serving to the most deserving
Street urchins, vagrants, vagabond shit
I got the pastries that make your ass catatonic
I'm with a blond chick, tail like halle's comet
The cake's frosted, I take away profit
Fuck the pigs like I'm islamic, shift different topics
Resolve conflicts, constantly on shit
Track Name: post opp (Round Here)
Bitch you aint heard, I'm the man round here
I'm the one that put the chowder in the clam round here
I'm the one that drown the beaver in the dam round here
And I'm the yungin still moving hand to hand out here

Bolts in my neck (check)
Coming up off a slab
Staggering out of the lab
I'm sick as a cancer no crab
I just say truth I dont brag
You know I'm not one to boast
Coming from that middle coast
Shit on you like it's a roast
Don't come in my dojo and interrupt me while I'm jumping rope
Kick your ass in slo-mo nobody smell the gunsmoke
Might slash a handbag strap if my funds is low
But lucky I can spin a plate, hit the mark and donezo
I'm in the cunt out of control, uh-oh
The young joe rogan unloading roaches in gumbo
Shit your little britches like you was only a month old
So pounding you is child abuse- something I don't condone

Never abandon my post
Shout out to canada post
Now I be shipping priority
I'm needed at the sorority
Wish there was 4 of me
But theres no more of me
And I'm incorrigible til they bury me

Schwarm it up schwarm it up schwarm it up shorty
Schwarm it up schwarm it up schwarm it up for me
Track Name: uncanned (A Lullaby) feat. ¿iZZy craZy
Go to sleep, say goodnight, you ain't ready
Close your eyes, cut the lights, you ain't heavy
You in a nightmare, but this is not a dream
Everything is not exactly as it seems
You rep your team but you the only one I see
So I ain't fucking with your clique cause you ain't even in too deep
Really think you whip that cream? I got sundae's worth
Tucked under my under shirt, it's tuesday and you still moving that monday work
Man that's gotta hurt
A ladder must have fallen on top of your mom at birth
That's why your commas cursed, never made the llama burst
I'm the kinda person set a bomb off through your monitor
Tell your bitch's bitch's bitch I'm fond of her
I could drain the fluid out these new kids like a colander
I ain't into bondage but I chain em up like polymers
Just picked up a quarter pack smelling like a conifer
Break it down to bits and then I serve it to the connoiseurs

I got crack for the masses 2 classic to ever be a has been
Gave a girl acid had her doing backflips
I be on my fourth course, some of y'all snacking
Some of y'all lacking how you plan to get it if you slacking
Can't see the walls of the trap that you trapped in
Attacking if you get me to the point of snapping
The universe might just get a little less expansive
Remi on the beat, pete ready on the right
Bernie on the roof aim steady with the sight
We be getting into shit every other night
Wiling out still bringing a machete to the fight
Cooking up schwarm I'll hack you a piece
Get the hell out the kitchen can't handle the heat
Just a couple crazy crackers tryna sieze that green
That's why they call us mothafuckin BSGs
Track Name: di4tr (Cantstandya) feat. Qu33n N33n
She's a bad bitch but she kicked her bad habits
Some bad shit happened turned her into a savage
Samurai sword 04 pussy wagon
Fire on her tongue call that the pussy dragon
She's running late to campus, the 80 bus is lagging
She don't touch drugs, sip nicotine and jasmine
Left it in the past with the pink hair and innocence
Used to work at hooters with them little tits, still got a pretty tip
Now she look for girlies with them pretty lips
On the mile end of the city where the biddies is
Demons she be living with, hit the party no pants
Fuckboys tryna grind, but they all got no chance
She don't wanna slow dance, she just wanna turn up
You ain't know about a tough cookie better learn up
Wrote the name of her assailant on a piece of paper
Throw it straight into the furnace watch that motherfucker burn up
She ain't with the bullshit cept the ring in her nose
Pierced up queen, hit the value village for clothes
I came home, we got tacos at mean wiener she drove
I suppose that's just the way that she goes, she got me froze-

Do it for the rachets
Do it for the rachets
More bonanza than george costanza
She don't recognize your lord and master
Track Name: lemon drop (Broken Vessel)
Take a ride up in the passenger side of my broken vessel

Going nowhere faster than the speed of lights out
When the bullets in your mandibles all you can do is bite down
Used to smoke the papers fulla purple that was quite loud
Now I cook up trouble just to float up in them white clouds
Fell in with some bad company but for me the right crowd
Throwing all my cheese away that's how I got the mice out
Pipe down, I know how to knock a fucking price down
And turn it into double ain't nothing to get it right now
Me and remi blowing doors off them rusty hinges
And the roof's coming with it I bet you can smell it singeing
I wrote the book I'm operating by, the code is stringent
Mixing pleasure with the business never give in til I'm finished
Accuracy on a hunnet but he got a lot of misses
Hittin up my snap, phone, facebook and insta
Grams I got fifty six of em in the oven
Bout to drown it in sunflower cause the lecithin is in it
Take a tip little dipshit, either way you split it
Incorrigible's coming out on top, no kidsnips

Take a ride up in the passenger side of my broken vessel, bitch
Track Name: accelerants (Perfect Schwarm)
Living my life I know death is a part of that
Serve you a stroke on the side of a heart attack
Anyone stepping to me I can't pardon that
Pen or the sword either way you must sharpen that
Casting a flick got a part for these hoes
End with some head, start with her toes
White like a whole trailer park in her nose
But we making the majors and that's how it go
Bitch that's how it goes, smashing on stage and after the show
In the back of the 'Vo we ain't have any clothes
No catastophe ass out flashing the road
I tore it in half like a magazine fold
She just out here making salary though
But I left her out standing all stranded and cold
Laughing like where did my sanity go?
My humanity's being eaten by demons
I'm freezing and might burn a church for no reason
Just so that my eyes can behold something pleasing
If you see my teeth that mean lucifer's beaming
Are you nervous of the havoc I'm wreaking?
I'm tripping off L so I'm freaking and geeking
Bitch I'm a beacon of schemers and dreamers beelzebub speaking
Why is you tweaking?
Gimme a beat and I'll fuckin swiss cheese it, leave it leaking, indecent

Left for dead, treat me like some mechanical pencil lead
Write me off until I snap and lodge a splinter in your head
Infect your fuckin cerebellum cranky like I'm soulja boy tellem
I been a felon take your hoes like they pelham and sell em
Seldom enveloped by bullshit that's so prevalent
I pull shifts back to back the working products evidence
Strike a match and douse the whole scene with accelerants
We all going up in that smoke, ho that's a definite